Bloomerang Easy 10 Plant Garden Faucet Auto-Watering System

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Easy 10 Plant Watering System

With the Bloomerang Easy 10 Plant Watering System, you can stop the hassle of watering by hand and seamlessly water up to 10 plants at once.

This 21 piece set includes all the fittings needed to connect to a 3/4" or 1/2" faucet, run the lines up to 10 meters in length with the flexible vinyl tubing, and control the surface spray output at each plant's stake.

When the water is flowing, the adjustable stakes make it easy to increase or decrease the flow where the water streams out horizontally in a star pattern and covers a 360 degree radius.

This pattern can cover as small as a few inches in diameter to outwards of 12" or more making it the perfect surface soaker and top feeder.

Uses include watering up to 10 plant sites with one spray stake per plant, the sprayers spread around an open garden bed or surface area, or for larger plants and containers, use multiple spray stakes per plant to ensure an even surface coverage and watering.

What is included: 

  • A Brand New Easy Water 10 Plant System
  • 10 - 360 degree Adjustable Spray Head Stakes
  • 9 - Barbed T water line connectors
  • 1 - Indoor / Outdoor Faucet Adaptor (1/2" to 3/4" Faucet Size)
  • 1 - Roll of 10 Meters ( 30ft) of Water Hose Line

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Bloomerang Easy 10 Plant Garden Faucet Auto-Watering System?

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