Current Culture® Under Current® | 18" Spacing

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Current Culture® Under Current® 

The Under Current® is the world's first recirculating Water Culture Hydroponic System featuring our Patented Sub-Current Culture® Method. This innovative application circulates literally hundreds of gallons of solution per hour beneath plant roots. 

The Under Current® supercharges the solution with dissolved oxygen, creating a hyper aerobic condition. An inline Danner Mag-Drive pump provides peripheral negative pressure by thrusting nutrients back to a return module (Epicenter). From this point the solution is drawn from module to subsequent module, evoking perpetual fluid motion. 

All Current Culture Systems now come with White ABS lids. These new white lids are made of durable ABS plastic, are UV stable, 100% non-translucent and highly reflective. 

New side-entry air ports on all Current Culture Under Current® systems now include an innovative side-entry for the air diffuser lines utilizing a uni-seal for each module. This allows you to remove the entire module lid without disconnecting the air lines, making root-zone inspection much easier. 


  • 8 Gallon Blackout Series Growth Modules With 18” Spacing
  • Manifolds & Joints
  • 2” Uc Spin-Tight Bulkheads
  • Growth Module Lids
  • One 8” Net Pot Per Growth Module
  • Danner Mag-Drive Return Pump
  • Premium Linear Air Pump(S)
  • 9” Air Diffuser Disc
  • Aqua-Pore Air Diffusers
  • Air Distribution Manifold
  • Air Hose
  • In-Line Filter
  • Adjustable Float Valve With Reservoir Adapter Kit
  • Drain Valve
  • Chiller Adapter
  • Garden Hose Drain Adapter


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