Gro Pro® Heavy Duty Black Saucer, 14"

Gro Pro® Heavy Duty Black Saucer, 14"

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Gro Pro® Heavy Duty Black Saucers

Durable, hard plastic. Washable and reusable. Many sizes to fit your needs. Color - black.

  • Outer diameter:  14"

  • Inner diameter:  12.5"

  • Height:  2"


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  • By outer diameter are you referring to the upper edge with a taper to the bottom?

    Upper edge to edge is 14" while the base of the saucer is 12.5" across

  • Can holes be drilled in plastic saucers without shattering it?

    YES, Any Gro Pro Heavy Duty Saucer can be drilled if you use lower force. 

    These saucers are very thick and meant for years and years of use.

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