Gro Pro NX Level Pot Elevator, 13"

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Gro Pro®

NX Level Pot Elevator, 13"

Gro Pro® NX Level Plant Elevation Platforms are specially designed to help raise your fabric or plastic pot out of the bottom of a saucer.

This elevates the pot out of potential excess water that gathers in the saucers. This can be crucial in preventing root rot, mold issues and helps extend the longevity of your fabric or plastic pot. 13" Pot Elevator is best used for up to 7 gallon pots.

  • Width diameter:  13"
  • Height:  2 4/8"

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Anthony Harmeyer
Works okay a little cheaply made though

Works like they should just don't know how long they're going to last cuz they are pretty cheaply built

Ronnie B.
I've bought many of these for a reason

They are practical, well made, and work great. Shipping is reasonable compared to other sellers. I guarantee you will not find a better deal with shipping elsewhere..Word of advice always buy a few more than you need, so when you expand a few plants, youi already have the elevator and saucers needed...

Ronnie B.
Buy your elevators 1" smaller than saucers, these are fantastic with 14" saucers

I have 15 of these for a reason....They last, cheapest around online, super fast service

Karen H.
Great item!

These work great! I would recommend these to anyone who wants a little space below the pot.

Y’all are very nice and have good products.

It was great. Shipping was fast, price was right, I got a thank you. Can’t beat that.