Gro Pro Root Master Pot 14", 7 Gal

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Gro Pro®

Root Master Pot 14", 7 Gal

These unique pots allow for proper root training and air pruning with strategically placed ventilation channels and offer a unique container shape.

They prevent spiraling and root burrowing which causes plant instability.

Using these great pots will increase the overall health of plant's root structure, allow for greater stability when transplanting and increase nutrient and water uptake.

Gro Pro Root Master Pots Size to Soil Chart

10" = 3 Gallon

12" = 5 Gallon

14" = 7 Gallon

16" = 10 Gallon

Customer Reviews

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Gary N.
Very well made and designed pots.

I was impressed with the durability and new technology application of these pots to produce a great root system for my plants. Haven't grown anything yet, but am expecting superior results! These guys had them at the best price, and with reasonable shipping charges and quick shipping. Others wanted a fortune for shipping (up to 5 times what garden supply guys charged), this was what sealed the deal for us!