Grodan A-OK Starter Plugs, 1.5" | Sheet of 98

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A-OK Starter Plugs, 1.5" | Sheet of 98

Made in Denmark since 1969, horticultural stonewool is widely recognized as an ideal growing substrate.

Each Grodan A-OK Starter Plug has a preformed hole to insure easy seed or cutting placement.

Gardeners simply wait for plant roots to penetrate the bottom of each A-OK Starter Plug before transplanting them into a larger stonewool cube or block.

Grodan stonewool is known for its quality, consistency and performance.

This is a single sheet of 98, 1.5" plugs.

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Francis L.
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These guys are super friendly, always asking if you need help as soon as you walk in. They will give you advice on lights, grow medium, nutrition without pushing you towards products you don’t really need.