HANNA GroLine Soil Test™ Direct Soil EC Tester

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GroLine Soil Test™ Direct Soil EC Tester (Model HI98331)

The HI98331 features a stainless steel penetration electrode that provides the ability to take direct measurements in soil.

When calibration is needed, simply submerge the electrode tip into calibration solution and and enter calibration mode for automatic 1 point calibration.

Electrolytic conductivity, abbreviated as EC, is a measurement made in which electrical charges of particles in a medium are moved under the influence of a potential difference.

EC is a measure of concentration, however, it is non-specic for ion type.

An ion is a charged particle present in the solution that contributes to the current flow.

Ions are formed when a salt such as sodium chloride is dissolved in water to form particles having electrical charges.

Electrical conductance, the ability of a substance to conduct an electrical current is the reciprocal of electrical resistance.

“Conductance” and “Resistance” depend on the geometrical dimensions of the substance being measured.

Conductivity and resistivity are “normalized” terms that are used to denote a bulk intrinsic property of a substance.

This is the measurement a standardized EC probe on a Conductivity or resistivity meter provides.

Conductivity measurements can be used to provide additional industry specific measurements; TDS, Salinity and USP compliant conductivity.

Many of Hanna’s meters provide these measurements also.

HI98331 is supplied with a stainless steel penetration probe, batteries, and instrument quality certificate.

Hanna HI98331 Direct Soil EC Tester

Product Specs 

Conductivity Range:  0.00 - 4000 uS/cm, 0.00- to 4.00 mS/cm 

Conductivity Resolution:  1.00 uS/cm 0.01 mS/cm

Conductivity Accuracy: +/- 50 μS/cm (0 to 2000 μS/cm), +/- 300 μS/cm (2000 to 4000 μS/cm); +/- 0.05 mS/cm (0.00 to 2.00 mS/cm), +/- 0.30 mS/cm (2.00 to 4.00 mS/cm)

Temperature Range:  0.0 to 50.0°C

Temperature Resolution:  0.1°C

Temperature Accuracy:  +/- 1°C

Battery Life/ Type:  CR2032 Li-ion approximately 100 hours of continuous use

Environment:  0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F); RH max 95% non-condensing

Dimensions:  7.7" Length X 2.0" Width X 0.9" Height

Weight:  2.4  oz.