HydroHat Plant Dripper Ring, 12"

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HydroHat Dripper 12"

HydroHat Drippers offer the most effective irrigation solution by evenly watering around the base of your plants.

Drip emitters and irrigation stakes only provide a single point of irrigation making it hard for water and nutrient solutions to evenly saturate a plant container.

HydroHats feature dozens of perfectly positioned pores to evenly irrigate containers ultimately eliminating dry pockets in your growing medium. HydroHats are compatible with most pots and are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

HydroHats conveniently features an open side to allow it to be slipped over plant stalks without causing any unwanted damage.

Each HydroHat includes (3) removable support stakes. HydroHats are compatible with most ½ inch I.D. tubing.