Nuravine Batch Dosing System

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Batch Dosing System

Introducing the Nuravine Batch Dosing System, the world's most affordable and customizable multi-zone, multi-recipe hydroponics nutrient dosing system.

Our Batch Dosing Kit includes all the components you need for automated nutrient delivery, requiring you only to supply a water tank, a circulation/distribution pump, and your basic plumbing.

The Nuravine Batch Dosing System's capabilities are exceptional, limited only by the length of the day. For instance, if it takes an hour to prepare a single nutrient batch, our automated doser could theoretically complete 24 nutrient batches in a 24-hour period, providing continuous operation around the clock.

This hydroponic dosing system offers both volume-based and target-based dosing, enabling you to achieve precise EC, PH, and ORP levels in your nutrient solution. Furthermore, the system can reach multiple EC checkpoints for each part added, ensuring optimal nutrient balance for your plants.

Expand your hydroponic doser with additional solenoids for more zones. The included Flux can connect up to 16 solenoids, allowing you to manage up to 13 zones before needing an additional Flux.

The Batch Dosing System's peristaltic pumps can handle any type of nutrient—liquid or powdered, synthetic or organic, free-flowing or viscous—ensuring that your hydroponic nutrient doser can adapt to any nutrient requirement you have.

The first tank is managed for free, and subsequent tanks can be added with a scalable fee structure: $19/month for 2 tanks, $49/month for 3-4 tanks, and $99/month for 5 or more tanks

*Subscription begins when you activate the software through the Nuravine cloud. 


  • 1x Aurora Monitor and Controller
  • 1-4x Elixir 3-Pump Module
  • 1x Flux 24V AC/DC Controller and Monitor 
  • 2x ¾” Flow meters
  • 3x Netafim 1” Solenoid valves (Fill, Mix, Drain) 
  • 1x 1” Check Valve 
  • 1x 1” Pressure Reducing Valve 
  • 1x Double junction pH sensor
  • 1x EC/Temperature sensor
  • 1x ORP sensor
  • 1x DO sensor
  • 1x Aurora 4-port Manifold
  • 1x Elixir Manifold
  • 3-12x Bottle cap kit straws (one for each of the Elixir’s pumps)
  • 1-2x 100ft roll of tubing
  • 1x pH calibration pack (pH 4.0 and pH 7.0)
  • 1x EC calibration pack (EC low and high solutions)
  • 1x ORP calibration solution bottle
  • 1x 500 mL graduated cylinder for calibrating the Elixir’s pumps
  • Access to the Nuravine Cloud

Not Included: 

  • Tank
  • Nutrient Containers
  • Circulation/Distribution Pump

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