Psycloner Deep Water Cloner, 24 Site

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Deep Water Cloner, 24 Site

PsyCloner is the new next-generation 24 site cloner.

Forget everything you learned so far about cloning PsyCloner operates without spray jets to clog up without a high-powered pump to heat up the water and there is no need for an airstone.

This system also allows you to continue growing your plants after they root simply by adding nutrients.

PsyCloner is a great solution for both professional cloners and beginners as well. This cloning system can perform under extreme heat and humidity where most aeroponic system will fail and without any need of gels or solution to use.

Psycloner Cloner Kit Includes:

  • 2 Gal reservoir
  • 24 site tray
  • 36 Neoprene Inserts (4 different colors)
  • Aerating Water Pump