Psycloner PRO AEROPONIC Cloner Machine with Dome, 70 Site

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Cloner Machine with Dome, 70 Site

The 70 Site Pro Aeroponic Cloner Machine provides a simple and easy cloning experience allowing you to root cuttings between 4-10 days, consistently and successfully.

Easy to follow directions and tips, makes cloning a breeze.

This plant cloning system includes everything along with a foldable humidity dome preventing leaf transpiration and initial transplant shock particularly in dry growing environments.

Its unique air ventilation and circulation design does not require air pumping to generate additional oxygen in and hot air out of the growing chamber.

Patent pending spray manifold requires smaller water pump and generates less heat in water. Includes a quality UL-listed water pump with pre-filter housing to keep sprayers free from debris and preventing clogging.

A convenient Psycloner Wheel Dolly is included to move your cloner from room to room.

Made from durable 100% new ABS and PP BPA-free material.

Comes with all parts needed. Just add your own lighting.

These use and require 1.65" inch Neoprene Clone Inserts


21.5'' long x 16.5'' wide x 9.5'' tall

Foldable humidity dome that fits on top is 8.5'' tall.

When placed on top, it adds about another 7'' to the overall height.

Psycloner Cloner Kit Includes:

  • Psycloner Reservoir
  • 70 Site Tray Top
  • 70 Neoprene 1.65" Inserts (4 different colors)
  • Water Pump
  • Aeroponic Spray Manifold
  • Psycloner Dolly for Easy Mobility
  • Humidity Dome Cover