Seed Savers Exchange Arugula, Arugula (Organic)

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Seed Savers Exchange

Arugula( Organic)

Eruca sativa

  • Organic
  • Sharp distinctive nutty flavor
  • Best when picked young
  • 40-45 days
  • Packet of 50 Seeds

(Eruca sativa) (aka Roquette or Rocket) Fast-growing cool season salad or sandwich green of Mediterranean origin. Sharp distinctive nutty flavor is best when picked young. Self-seeding and hardy. 40-45 days.

Learn To Grow It

You can sow these seeds directly into the soil 1-2 weeks before your last frost date. If you sow a section or row every two or three weeks, you can get a continuous crop.

These seeds can be broadcast evenly in sections of the garden to create a bed of tender leaves. Plant your seeds 1/8-1/4 in. deep.

This is a "cut-and-come-again" plant so you can harvest leaves as they mature. Keep the leaves well watered and cool.


This crop prefers to grow in cool seasons, so gardeners in Zones 8 and warmer should plant this vegetable in the fall. The shade from taller plants can help keep this vegetable cool in sunny gardens and warm climates.