Seed Savers Exchange Celery, Tall Utah (Organic)

Seed Savers Exchange Celery, Tall Utah (Organic)

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Seed Savers Exchange Celery, Tall Utah
Apium graveolens

  • Organic
  • Crisp stringless stalks
  • Refreshingly light flavor
  • Stalks grow to 12 inches
  • Plants are 24-30" tall
  • Biennial, 100 days
  • Packet of 500 Seeds


Vigorous plants with deep green leaves and light green stalks. Crisp 12" stalks have compact hearts and light refreshing flavor. Great for use in soups and stock. Plants are 24-30" tall. Biennial, 100 days.


Learn To Grow It

This crop can be direct seeded into the soil after the last spring frost. You can also start plants indoors 6-8 weeks before the last frost date.

Space your plants or seeds 6-8 inches apart in well fertilized soil. Plant your seeds 1/4-3/4 in. deep.

Make sure that your soil is well fertilized as this crop is a heavy feeder and takes a lot of nutrients from the soil. Consider adding compost to the soil the year before you plant.

Mulching the soil around this crop can help protect the plant and keep roots cool and moist. This crop may require regular applications of fertilizer and water.


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