Seed Savers Exchange Flower, California Poppy Mix

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Seed Savers Exchange

Flower, California Poppy Mix

Eschscholzia californica

  • Self-seeding annual
  • Plants grow to 12-16 inches tall
  • Mixture of bright colors
  • Great for mass plantings
  • Packet of 1000 Seeds

Producing a spectacular, long-lasting display of lively and colorful flowers, this self-sowing native poppy was documented on the Pacific coast by Dr. Johann Friedrich Eschscholtz, leader of a Russian expedition to the region in 1815. It was officially designated the state flower of California on December 12, 1890. Annual, 12-16" tall.

Learn To Grow It

Direct seeding is preferable, as poppies do not like to have their roots disturbed. Sow seeds outdoors in the early spring when the soil is still cool and light frost is possible. Can also be sown in the fall just before the ground freezes. Plants will tolerate poor soil.