Seed Savers Exchange Flower, Tip Top Nasturtium

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Seed Savers Exchange Flower, Tip Top Nasturtium

Tropaeolum majus

  • Grows well in containers
  • Flowers are edible
  • Hardy annual plants grow to 8-10 inches tall
  • Mixture of apricot, gold, mahogany, and scarlet blossoms
  • Pack of 25 Seeds

(Tropaeolum minus) This strain of nasturtium is noteworthy because it holds a multitude of edible flowers above its rounded foliage. The flowers and leaves can also be added to salads to impart a peppery flavor. The flowers within the mix of this half-hardy annual are apricot, gold, mahogany, and scarlet. This 8-10" tall selection is ideal for containers.


Learn To Grow It

Sow seeds outdoors one week after last frost. Plants prefer average moist soil. Water during dry spells, but do not fertilize, as this will promote more foliage than flowers.