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Herb, Spearmint

Mentha spp.

  • Perennial in zones 4-10
  • Plants grow to 1-3 feet tall
  • Dark green leaves with toothed edges
  • Fresh, minty flavor
  • Packet of 250 Seeds

The dark-green, toothed leaves of this mint species are used for making tea and cocktails and for flavoring candies and desserts, as well as for adding fragrance to lotions and tinctures. Perennial in zones 4-10.

Learn To Grow It

Start Indoors 4-6 weeks before last frost. Germination: 7-10 Days

Transplant outdoors after danger of frost has passed in late spring. Can also be directly sown outdoors just before last spring frost.

Spearmint will spread vigorously; to control its runners plant in a container sunk into ground. Prefers average well-drained soil and will tolerate dry conditions.

Space your plants or seeds 12 - 18 inches apart in well fertilized soil. Sow seeds indoors just beneath surface of soil.