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Seed Savers Exchange

Pea, Amish Snap

Pisum sativum

  • Sweet and crisp flavor
  • Vines grow to 5-6 feet, pods grow to 2 inches
  • Snap pea
  • Packet of 50 Seeds

The wild ancestors of peas grew in the Mediterranean basin and over thousands of years were selected for their dry seeds. By the 3rd century BC peas were being grown by the ancient Greeks and in the Middle Ages field peas kept the population fed in years of near famine.  Fresh, or garden, peas first started to be consumed in the 17th century and split peas developed late in the 19th century.

Learn To Grow It

This crop does not transplant well so make sure to direct seed in your garden as soon as the soil can be worked (about 2 weeks before the last expected frost date).

Space your seeds 2-4 inches apart in well fertilized soil. Plant your seeds around 1 inch deep.

As this plant grows it may need support in the form of a trellis to keep the vines off the ground. You won't need to fertilize this crop in order to get a healthy yield.

Mulching the soil around this crop can help protect the plant and keep roots cool and moist. In frost-free zones, this crop can be grow throughout the fall and winter.