Sulfur Prills, Fertilize, Adjust Soil PH or Fungal Vaporizing, OMRI Certified, 4lb

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Sulfur Prills

Fertilize, Adjust Soil PH or Fungal Vaporizing

  • SULFUR BAG – Bag of high quality Sulfur powder crystals. 99.9% pure pastille elemental sulfur for use in organic gardening.

  • Sulfur Prills Fertilize

  • ORGANIC FERTILIZER – Applied nutrient for sulfur deficient soils that can be used as a garden fertilizer and encourages plant growth.

  • Sulfur Prills Adjust Soil PH

  • LOWERS SOIL PH – Naturally lowers soil pH. Ideal for use as a fertilizer and plants that like acidic soils for use with tomato plants, hydrangeas, or as a vegetable, flower, and strawberry fertilizer.

  • Sulfur Prills Fungal Vaporizing

  • SULFUR BURNER – Add to a sulfur burner or vaporizer to improve the growing conditions of indoor greenhouses and promote optimal plant health.
  • OMRI CERTIFIED – Organic Materials Review Institute Certified for use in organic farming and gardening as a soil conditioner.

    Size:  4lb Bag