SunBlaster Prism Lens LED Strip Light 6400K 36W, 36"

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Prism Lens LED Strip Light 6400K 36W, 36"

New and improved Premium LED Prism Lens strip lights by SunBlaster produce 20% higher light output than competing models.

With a more efficient LED array, built-in reflector and the addition of the prism lens these LED’s focus light downward into a superior 90-degree beam angle.

Thus bringing more light energy to the plant canopy and stimulating faster growth.

Up to 8 units can be daisy chained together with link cords.

Root healthier cuttings and grow stronger plants with the new SunBlaster Prism lens LED’s!

Application Types:

  • Seed Starting
  • Cloning
  • Micro-Greens Production
  • Herb Growers
  • Vegetative Growth for Tropicals & Botanicals
  • Supplemental Lighting
  • Vertical Lighting in Grow Tents & Garden Towers


  • 36" Prism Lens LED Strip Light
  • 6’ Power Cord with On/Off Switch
  • Link Cord 14”
  • Flush Mount Clips (2)
  • Hanging Clips (2)
  • Improved PAR, PPF & PPFD
  • 36 Watt
  • 5,000 Lumens
  • 3 Year Warranty

SunBlaster LED Strip Lights run virtually silent and maintenance free. 

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