36 Site Vertical Leafy Greens NFT Hydroponic System

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36 Site Vertical NFT Hydroponics System

  • High-quality material: Hydroponic kits uses food-grade PVC-U water pipes. Pipe diameter: 2.5" (63mm), aperture: 1.26" (32mm)

  • NFT Hydroponics Systems are simple to use, and easy to take care of requiring  less water and space to traditional cultivation.

  • The water pump timer allows you to set the start and end cycles for watering.

  • Simple to assemble and suitable for beginners. 

Perfect for Growing Herbs and Leafy Greens of all kinds !

Material: PVC-U
Type: 4x Vertical Rows 
Plant Site Quantity: 36
Hole Diameter: 1.26"
Pipe Diameter: 2.5"
Spacing Between the Holes: 3"

Package includes:
4 x Pre Drilled PVC-U Pipes
1 x Water Pump
1 x Pump Timer
1 x Pipe Fitting Kit

36 x Planting Baskets
1 x Vinyl Tube 
1 x Manual 

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