Dolphin 3500 Diamond Amp Master Water Pump w/ Freshwater/Clean Marine Seal

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3500, 4750 and 6250 models

All Dolphin Diamond Amp Master Pumps are manufactured using one impeller custom designed to operate on each motor as close to 100% efficiency as possible. Dolphin Pumps have completely redesigned the liquid end (wet-end) with parts that are precision molded using state of the art, high tolerance equipment. The highly polished flow channel is designed to move discharge water efficiently with the lowest possible friction rate from rough surfaces and poorly guided water flow. The wet-ends incorporate a custom and unique mechanical seal design, engineered to provide a much higher service life than the seal types found in other pumps. Dolphin Diamond Series wet-ends and impellers are engineered to the highest tolerances and run on the latest generation equipment to produce the extreme specifications using only high performance plastics. 

  • Dimensions 12” x 6 1/4” x 81/4”
  • Silent, cool running
  • 1/15 HP, 115VT 60 HTZ MOTOR, 1725 RPM
  • Circulates 3500 GPH without heat transfer
  • Factory warranty 3 years (all models 3/2020 and later), 10-year factory service guarantee
  • Suggested use: 55 gallon and over
  • Supplied with 1.5” super seal solid unions and anti-vibration pump pad
  • Watts @ 115 VAC  Average range 103.5 - 115 (dependent on head feet) 

All utilized polymers selected provide:

  • Outstanding impact and crack resistance
  • Service temperature range of 4° - 230° F (-20° - 110° C) Impact strength is reduced at extreme cold temperatures
  • Unaffected by UV light
  • Low moisture absorbance
  • Ph range: 4 - 10
  • Chlorine Resistant
  • High abrasion resistance

Flow rates on all Amp Master Pumps may be dialed back with a discharge ball valve (on the discharge side only) to any desired flow rate with no harm to the pump. Amperage rate will drop as flow rate is reduced to your desired rate. The most efficient way to plumb any system is to install a ball valve at the discharge union then a tee fitting plumbing a closed loop manifold with return reducing tees wherever you want a flow return. A closed loop can be any shape or design as long as both ends return to the tee at the ball valve. This ensures even pressure through your return manifold.

All Dolphin Pumps have pre-filter priming pots available for installations where water is being drawn up from source or when pre-filtration of debris is needed. Dolphin Amp Master pumps are the best in quality and efficiency in a pond or aquarium pump. 

Motor Information

The following are Amp limits on the motors associated with the pump models. Please note pump testing is within the Amp specifications of the motors.  NO motor should go beyond the Amp ratings of the motor. The Service Factor of a motor will allow it to go beyond the horse power (hp), but operation at service factor over sustained periods of time will shorten the life, speed and efficiency of the motors.

Please consider all system factors when selecting a pump.


MODEL     HP        VOLT         AMP             SF      HZ 

3500          1/15      115            1. 3                1.0      60 

4750          1/15      115            1. 3                1.0      60

6250          1/3      110/115      5.0/4.8          1.0      50/60 

7200s         1/3      110/115      5.0/4.8          1.0      50/60 

7250           3/4         115            10.0             1.0      60

9250          1             115             12.0             1.0      60

9500          1         220/240        6.3/6.0         1.0       50/60

10500       1.5      230/115        7.7/15.4        1.0       60

12500       1.5      230/115        8.8/17.5        1.0       60

14500       3             230              12.0             1.0       60


There's much to consider in selecting a pump for your system. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about pump performance. We hope you find helpful information on our site and if you have any further questions, please take a moment to drop us a line.

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