NORTH SPORE Organic Wine Cap Mushroom Sawdust Spawn

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NORTH SPORE Organic Wine Cap

Mushroom Sawdust Spawn

Wine Cap (Stropharia rugoso-annulata) is a delicious mushroom with a mild, earthy flavor. It's an ideal mushroom for beginners as it colonizes quickly and yields reliable flushes. If inoculated in spring, Wine Cap can fruit in as little as two months and will produce in the same bed for several years. Fresh woody material (like hardwood chips) can be added each year to maintain the health of the bed. Inoculated material from one bed can be used as spawn to inoculate new beds on your property.

Skill level


Grow location


Spawn shelf life

6 months (refrigerated)

Bag weight

5.5 lbs


2-8 months

Fruiting temps


Recommended use:

Wine cap sawdust spawn is only recommended for use in outdoor beds or top-fruiting containers.

This is not a mushroom grow kit. Wine cap sawdust spawn must be combined with a substrate (like wood chips) in order to fruit. 

Please note: Wine cap does not grow on logs.

Upon receiving your spawn:

Remove it from the shipping box as soon as possible. Then, unfold the top of the bag, making room for air space. It's also important to check and confirm that the filter patch is not obstructed. This will help the organism breathe and continue to thrive!


Click here to download our pamphlet on outdoor bed cultivation using sawdust spawn. Be sure to use clean, untreated products when making outdoor beds.


Wine Cap is a vigorous mushroom that grows naturally on outdoor beds of woody debris. It grows best on straw (not hay), hardwood chips or sawdust. Hardwood recommendations are soft maple, poplar, box elder, and magnolia. They can tolerate a mixture that includes some softwoods - generally no more than 25%. You can also mix different woody materials.

Wine Cap seems to do better if the beds have a variety of particle sizes, such as a mix of both sawdust and wood chips. Avoid branches or other very large pieces of wood as these take longer to colonize and can create too much air space in the bed. Freshly cut wood is preferred, though Wine Cap can also grow well on more aged materials. Many folks are having success with the chip mixes coming from roadside crews pruning under power lines -- and it's a free resource!

Wine Cap does best in partial shade but can tolerate some direct sun. Ideal locations would be at the edge of fields and woods, around the base of trees, in perennial gardens, or as part of the mulch in vegetable gardens, where annual veggies will provide some shade. Once established, Wine Cap beds require little maintenance. During dry periods, the bed can be watered but do not over-water, as excessive watering can suffocate the mycelium.

In a suitable location, remove any leaves, etc., down to either bare ground or plain grass. No need to dig a trench, but the bed should be in contact with the soil. One bag of sawdust spawn is enough to inoculate approximately 16 square feet.

Spread mixed woody material over the soil, about 1'' deep.

Break up the Wine Cap sawdust spawn and evenly sprinkle the spawn on top of the layer of woody debris.

Add a second layer of woody debris about 2-3'' thick.

Thoroughly water the bed.


If you don't plan to use immediately, refrigerate your Wine Cap sawdust spawn. Use within 6 months of receipt.


Wine Cap mushrooms are best when braised, grilled, or sauteed. When young, Wine Cap mushrooms can be eaten with the stem and offer a tender yet crunchy texture when lightly cooked in oil. They can also be sliced and mixed into meat sauces or risotto, roasted or braised along with other fall vegetables and served with meat, fowl or fish, added to soups, or stuffed and baked. If using the larger, more mature mushrooms, it is recommended to remove the stems as they become stringy and to slice or chop the cap to ensure even cooking. Wine Cap mushrooms pair well with lemon juice, wine, ramps, nutmeg, fennel, polenta, pasta, quinoa, and rice.


All our spawn is made using organic cultures from our own culture bank. Our sawdust spawn is handmade from a blend of locally sourced, all-natural, organic, and non-GMO woods and supplements from farms and forests in New England and North America. 

Cautions & Considerations:

If you’re going to consume home-grown mushrooms, make sure to cook your fresh mushrooms thoroughly with heat. If it is your first time eating this species, it is best to start with a small amount to check for allergies, even if cooked.

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