Nuravine Aurora Controller

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As the core of the Nuravine Dosing Platform, the Aurora receives information from sensors, makes dosing decisions, and transmits data wirelessly to the Nuravine Cloud

  • High-contrast 3.5” capacitive touch-screen displays real-time readings and replaces ANY reservoir monitor
  • Includes US-manufactured laboratory-grade pH and EC/Temperature sensors
  • Supports additional dissolved oxygen (DO) and oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) sensors*
  • Integrates seamlessly with Elixir 3 Pump Modules* and supports up to 127 unique devices
  • Over-the-air (OTA) updates improve the Aurora as new features are released
  • Works with all future Nuravine modules

*Purchased separately


  • Quick and easy set up requires just a few inputs and then learns from your system, ensuring plants are getting WHAT they need WHEN they need it.
  • Accurate dosing algorithm breaks up doses into smaller segments for uniform nutrient distribution throughout your hydroponic system (Perfect for recirculating systems)
  • The Aurora does the math for you so it's easy to enter recipes from a a feed chart
  • Supports pH Up and Down, and EC, allowing you to add ANY combination and ratio of nutrients
  • Quick Dose feature allows for rapid dosing of a precise amount of any solution
  • Intelligent safety mechanisms stop dosing when it suspects errors such as empty nutrient containers or disconnected sensors.
  • Start Active feature allows the system to automatically resume after a power outage

Analytics / Cloud

  • Cloud Mirroring Technology allows you to view overall status and adjust system settings for ALL of your Aurora devices in real time
  • Visualize all sensor information with multiple viewing options to gain deeper insights into how your plants are doing
  • Track nutrient use, dosing patterns, and fluctuations to make data driven decisions and increase your yields.

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