Blueprint Controllers® Digital Atmosphere Controller with Fuzzy Logic, BDAC-2
The ETL-listed Blueprint Controllers® Digital Atmosphere Controller, BDAC-2 offers full control of the indoor garden environment. The unit’s four receptacles control cooling, heating, humidity and CO2-generating devices. The controller allows separate day and night set points for temperature and humidity, with a temperature control range of 40 to 99.9 degrees Fahrenheit and a humidity control range of 35 to 99.9 percent relative humidity. Humidity and temperature deadbands are adjustable. The CO2 control range is 350 to 2,000 ppm. A remote sensor with photocell on a 15-foot cable accurately monitors temperature, humidity, CO2 and light. Fuzzy Logic mode allows more precise control of CO2 levels when compressed CO2 is used. The controller includes a three-year warranty. The BDAC-2 may be controlled using remote monitoring software, which requires the BDAC-2 Auxiliary Cable and Adapter (available separately).

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