METAVEGA 1/8" Metal Gear Rope Ratchet Set - 150lb Support

MetaVega 1/8" Rope Ratchet ( Set of 2 )

#1 rated Rope Ratchet design for quality and performance... what makes the difference you ask ?

No slip metal gears & clips, guarantees your grow equipment is safe with MetaVega brand Rope Rachets. 

Metal carabiner clips ( not cheap plastic ) provide a secure hold ensuring the safety of the item being hung.

Resistant to heat and cold eliminating any risk associated with temperature changes.  

Multi-use: great for hanging carbon filters, lights & hoods, flower pots, etc.  

Great for hoisting as the patented metal gear lock pulley system pulls tight and locks in place with one single pull.  Rest Assured your equipment is safe using MetaVega Rope Ratchets.

  • 1/8″ rope ratchets will automatically lock in place with zero slip.
  • Six foot adjustable length for each Rope Ratchet.
  • Metal rope collars secure rope to carbiner clips.
  • No knots or chains to mess with !
  • 150 Pounds maximum load limit using both rope ratchets.
  • Includes Lifetime Replacement Guarantee.

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