Titan Gold™ Premium Organic Compost, cu ft

Titan Gold™ Compost

Organic wastes can account for more than 25% of landfill space. This waste produces greenhouse gases. This is a waste of a valuable resource that can be used for both renewable energy generation and soil amendment. Titan Gold™ is a premium amendment/compost made from vegetable, fruit, food, and yard wastes. Titan Gold™ is the byproduct of natural organic wastes that are diverted from landfills, used for biogas and electricity generation and converted to a usable soil product.

Titan Gold™ is produced from the byproducts of North America's first dry anaerobic digester and closes the loop on organic waste by generating a high quality product from waste organic compounds. Titan Gold™ provides a premium product that increases the quality of soil and can be used in a number of applications from lawn and garden to landscaping, bushes and shrubs.

Ingredients: This product is specially formulated from all natural ingredients including biological digested and composted fruits, vegetables, yard wastes and food products.

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