Advanced UV Light Grow Green 1000 Watt HPS Double-Ended Lamp

Advanced UV Light Grow Green 1000 Watt HPS Double-Ended Lamp

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Grow Green HPS Double-Ended Lamps

The Grow Green Lamp features German made, first-class quality, high-pressure sodium lamps with ceramic discharge tubes for high efficiency and efficacy with optimum lifetime performance. The Grow Green lamp color spectrum is ideal for stimulation of plant growth in all phases of development and is specifically engineered to operate on high frequency ballasts, producing 2,100 µmols.

AUVL lamps have been tested with all common electronic and magnetic ballast, meaning that they are guaranteed to be compatible with your system! Provided that they are installed professionally, AUVL spotlights can be operated in all leading lamps. Excellent radiation over the service life, not to mention the significant light yield, provide the greenhouse owner or hobby gardener with optimum economic viability and an improved harvest yield across a multitude of areas of use. However, don’t just take our word for it: make your own comparisons and you’re sure to be won over by the AUVL lamps’ high performance.


  • Long life of 10,000 hours

  • Stable photon flow > 90% over the lifetime

  • 10-20% higher light intensity than conventional sodium vapour lamps

  • Fist choice for the flowering stage due to the hight proportion of red light

  • More stable mounting due to 2-sided connection k12x13s - advantages in illumination 

  • High phton flow of 2,100 μmol/s

  • Designed for operating with all major ECG;s / electronic ballast

  • Stable operation in Dim & Boost mode possible

Grow Green HPS DE Lamp Brochure

Outpu Wattage:  1000

Expected Life:  10,000 Hours

Amps:  4.8

Ignition Voltage:  3.2kV

Voltage:  230VAC

PAR:  2,100 μmol/s

Warranty:  1 Year


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