DuraBreeze® Duct Muffler 10"

DuraBreeze® Duct Muffler 10"

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A DuraBreeze® Duct Muffler reduces the sound traveling through ducting without restricting airflow. The 10-inch muffler features a durable, lightweight, rustproof aluminum housing and 1-inch-thick internal glass fiber with a noise reduction coefficient of 85 percent. Measures 35 inches long with a 12.5-inch diameter and a 10-inch flange. Includes a one-year warranty.

Questions & Answers

  • For reduction of sound, how do the Phresh products compare to the DuraBreeze?

    Both filters are made similar and will have similar sound. Phresh Filters do make a Duct Silencer that you may attach either to the intake or exhaust side of an inline fan. The Phresh Duct Silencer will decrease fan noise by up to 50%. Click on the Phresh Duct Silencer to take you to all of the Phresh Duct Silencer we offer on our site (Phresh Duct Silencer).

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