Kind LED® Flower A Bar Light, 2'

Kind LED® Flower A Bar Light, 2'

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Kind LED Flower A Bar Light

The 2-foot Kind LED Flower A Bar Light, with macro flowering spectra, uses the primary blue bandwidths that are readily absorbed by plants and are the major building blocks for photosynthesis. Can be used individually (without Kind LED Flowering B Bar Lights) for exceptional supplemental flowering lighting, in any indoor garden or greenhouse.

The footprint of the bar lights is relative to the overall length of light used (ie. 2ft, 3ft, 4ft). At a 12” hanging height, the usable light will extend out from the edges of the bar light by 3” to 6” inches, so spacing between the lights would be 6” to 12” apart. This type of spacing would work for all primary lighting applications that deal with average light use plants such as leafy greens.

  • Outside/Inside edge lighting in grow tents to aid in filling out large plants
  • Indoor and greenhouse supplemental lighting applications
  • Replacing T-5 fluorescent fixtures in any application (50% less electricity & up to 2x PAR)

Lighting Type:  LED

Actual Wattage:  23.2 W

HID Wattage Equivalent:  60 W

Input Voltage:  100-240V AC

Footprint:  2.5' x 1'

Diode Wattage:  3 Watt

Conditions:  Commercial Greenhouse (IP65)

Total Diodes:  13

Weight:  3.5 lbs.

Warranty:  3 Year


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